Transformation of tectonic and climatic signals from source to sedimentary archive

Séminaire le 06 juin 2017 de 11h00 à 12h30

Intervenant : John Armitage

Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris

Dynamique des fluides géologiques


Salle Pyrénées Salle Pyrénées

The terrestrial sedimentary record is arguably the only time-sensitive record of the Earth's past. Change in environmental and tectonic conditions may therefore be preserved within the fluvial sedimentary record. However, the signal may be transformed, or worse destroyed (shredded) during transport and deposition. From a non-linear sediment transport model, I will show that climatic, tectonic, and sea level change, may however create characteristic records within the sedimentary archive.These model results all hinge on the assumption that there is an infinite availability of sediment to be transported. The alternative assumption is to solve for the erosion of bed-rock, which can lead to a set of equations commonly referred to as the stream power model. But is the response of the stream power model that different from a sediment transport model?

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