Together with partners at OMP and in China we are operating multiple air quality sites in China.

Since 2009 Benjamin Guinot (LA-OMP) and Jeroen Sonke (GET-OMP) are working together with PhD student Hongmei Xu and Prof. Junji Cao at the Institute for Earth and Environment – Chinese Academy of Science (IEECAS) in Xi’an, China. At the IEECAS institute we measure gaseous Hg and particulate Hg concentrations and isotopic compositions, as well as aerosol trace metals and radiogenic Pb isotopes.

Since 2012 we have expanded our Asian air monitoring sites to the city of Guiyang where we collaborate with Prof. Xinbin Feng, Prof. Jiubin Chen, Dr. Xuewu Fu, and PhD students Yu Ben and Buyun Du at the Institute of Geochemistry – Chinese Academy of Science (IGCAS) in Guiyang, China. As part of the ERC MERCURY ISOTOPES project, Jeroen Sonke and the Chinese team measure gaseous Hg and particulate Hg concentrations and isotopic compositions at the IGCAS institute on the urban Guiyang campus, and at an industrial site in Guiyang. In the context of the ANR RIMNES project, since early 2012, Benjamin Guinot, Laurence Maurice and the Chinese team monitor Hg exposure and isotope signatures in hair and urine from students in primary schools in 3 areas: in Guyiang, an urban area, in Whanshan, a Hg mining area, and in a pristine region, close to Leishan.

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