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Projects coordinated by GET

 - ANR (French National Research Agency) projects:

  • SOUMET project : Impact of sulfur on the fate of metals of high economic value in geological fluids
  • ECliS  project ("Livestock-Climate-Society"): Contribution of livestock production to the adaptation of rural families to social and environmental vulnerability
  • RIMNES project: Mercury Isotopes Fractionation and Notch/apoptosis biomarkers: new tracers linking Environment and Health

- FP7 (European) projects:

  • CLIM AMAZON project : European Laboratory in Brazil for the study of climate and geodynamics based on the amazon basin sediments

-  INSU Projects:

  •   SIMBAD project: Etude Sismique du Messinien des BAléares et de la Déformation

 - International projects:

  •   WAXI project: Research and training program on west-african tectonics and metallogeny

 - Codes developed by GET researchers

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